Scott Pilgrim vs The world



Scott Pilgrim is a series of graphic novels (6 volumes).

By Bryan Lee O´Malley.
If you do not know who Scott Pilgrim is so far: A Canadian boy who fells in love with a girl (Ramona), and he plays the bass in a band (call Sex Bob-omb). In order to date this girl, he has to defeat her evil ex-boyfriends.

That is the main idea, and you can find it in wikipedia or in the official web page:

Now, there is a difference between the graphic novels AND the movie, why? It is always like that, c´mom, like if you wouldn´t know.

But both work perfectly, (remember is my opinion), while the movie tries to develop specific details and it even actually omits a lot, it works if you haven´t read the novels, but if you do, you will be still a lilt bit merry to see some scenes and characters come to live.

In the series, the relationship with Scott and Ramona is not just a couple of days, the relationship of every character is explain, also what they do in every day live: their jobs and friends.
Yes, some battles are different, yes, there are a lot of more scenes and situations in the series, and YES, canadians will love it more, because they can relate to buildings, coffe shops, live style. Why do I say that? Because you can related to it, or even if you just visited the city, you could say : I was there! at the Public library (or bus station and so on).
I know I do when in a book a city I´ve live in appears, with the name of the streets and all.

Would you enjoy it? If you have sense of humor, if you read manga, if you watch anime and if you play video games, of course you will. Ok. I am guessing, but I did enjoy it. (Because of everything above).

The most fun part is, I could read it again!!! After I finished the volumes, I read them again, and it made me smile again.