"A Monster Calls"

Written for children or young adults by Patrick Ness "from an original idea by Siobhan Dowd", illustrated by Jim Kay, and published by Walker in 2011.


"Author´s Note
...I felt- and feel- as if I´ve been handed a baton, like a particularly fine writer has given me her story and said, "Go, Run with it. Make trouble." So that´s what I tried to do. Along the way, I had a single guideline: To write a book
 I think Siobhan would have liked. No other criteria could really matter. 
And now it´s time to hand the baton on to you. Stories don´t end with the writers, however many started the race. Here´s what Siobhan and I came up with. So go. Run with it. Make trouble.
Patrick Ness
London, February 2011"



The story of a Monster that comes at night, but it is not the Monster that the kid is waiting. A story about waiting for the inevitable to happen with a little bit of hope and a Monster that tells stories in order to make you think that nothing is really bad or really good in this world. 

It makes us vulnerable to that Monster, to the world of the kid and what he is going through, to the hope that breaths even at the very end.