Giving a chance to Latinamerican authors

Yes, I grew up in Southamerica, yes I Know about Cortázar, Borges, Skármeta, Fuentes, Allende, etc... 

And I am waiting for the "post -modernism" of latinamerica.

But where are those authors? where are those writers? 

It seems that litetary agents for southamerican writers are just hanging around Spain, multiply themselves there, and living happily ever after with what they already got. 


But how about the young blood? do those writers even exists? 

I like to say yes, but they are not typing in a coffe shop, they are mostly teachers fighting for a chance to be read, most of them are even working in marketing as creative staff and time to time they made it, to the first publication or with luck to a second book that will not be sold in a bookstore. The writer probably will sell it to relatives and the latter will say "I am not a fan of reading, but great work".

The book will be put somewhere, the writer will be working as a civilian and its art unknown to anyone else outside the circle.


Making new markets, bringing the chance to be heard and more Bookfairs might be the tools to speak up and let them have a chance to these new authors. It is not that they haven´t try, the circumstances have changed, the reader has changed, but I am working on the hope, (secret project), and let´s see how it will develop.